Sator Basement Noise Vinyl LP

Sator Basement Noise Vinyl LP


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Basement Noise" is the 7th album from Sator! It was originally released in April 2006 on the bands own label Planet Of Noise.

On the album you will find some “classic” Sator songs, like “You Ain´t Nothing To Me”, “This Ain't The Way Home” and “Goodbye Joey” which is known as the saddest song the band has ever recorded.

Track Listing

1. So Dressed Up2. Angelina And Sister Ray3. Escape From Pigvalley Beach4. The Ghost Of My Control5. Goodbye Joey6. This Ain't The Way Home7. Water On A Drowning Man8. At The End Of Time9. You Ain't Nothing To Me10. You're Out Of My Hands11. Things You Don't12. No!
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