Sadomagickal Seducer Testicular Torture 12″ Vinyl

Sadomagickal Seducer Testicular Torture 12″ Vinyl

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Testicular Torture a MLP by Canadian Black Metal masochists Sadomagickal Seducer is the latest release on Crypt of the Wizard records.

A fast blast of ultra perverted BDSM themed Black Metal featuring members of Shezmu and Warslaves.

This shrieking sleaze-bag of a record captures the stench of sonic secretions through the noise of pure perversion.

Sadomagickal Seducer brings low frequencies and perverted tendencies out from the shadows and places them firmly in plain sight.

It's through this, their first effort, that the obsessively sadistic four-piece begin to release their true orgasmic urges.

So… wont you join them for some Testicular Torture? .

Track Listing

1. Possession Erotica2. Worship at the Urinal Sabbath (Part I)3. Worship at the Urinal Sabbath (Part II)4. Testicular Torture
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