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Variously cited as “Calgary’s most literate band” and “Ohio’s most banal ska group” (the latter being a severe understatement), Rum Runner is back with their third round of rootsy street-punk. What’s the Music Mean to You? showcases the boys at their most staggering and callous, shamelessly sentimental and absolutely reeking of booze. Heartfelt blasts of punk, folk and 50’s rock ‘n’ roll fly from the speakers as the epitome of apathetic aural shrapnel confirming earlier suspicions that if you didn’t like the Rum Runner sound before, they’re never going to do anything to change your mind. Conversely, the minions of outsiders who have been known to stomp in tandem with Western Canada’s 14th or 15th hardest working band (depending on how you count) are sure to shit themselves with glee over this brand new collection of neurotic anti-anthems.

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