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RoadRash is the self-titled EP from Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) speed metal group, ROADRASH. The high-octane four-piece group is one of the most exciting and energetic bands to have surfaced in the recent past. When it comes to embodying the speed metal ethos, RoadRash is second to none, and it is clearly evident in their studio recordings as well as live performances.

“RoadRash are raw speed metal at its most straightforward, most belligerent, and, frankly, most fun. Think Exciter. Think Razor. If you’re still with me, think Warhead, or Living Death, or Iron Angel. Whiplash with sleezier vocals and more references to driving fast. In other words, RoadRash (and now you, presumably,) are familiar indeed with the grimy lineup of speed metal royalty. This 2-track EP exudes a gloriously infectious devil-may-care ‘tude--and when it comes to speed metal, if you ain’t got that, you ain’t got shit.” - Sleeping Village Reviews

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