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RITUAL are a classic in United States Black Metal, and they have finally returned after “…far too long…” with “The Resurrection”. RITUAL received instant cult status with their first album “The Summoning” (1995, Wild Rags), which garnered rave reviews from press and fans alike. Their follow-up albums “Demonic Winter Metal” (1997, Wild Rags) and “Soldiers Under Satan’s Command” (1998, Wild Rags) being much sought after. All three albums are currently out-of-print with heavy demand for a new release, which Funeral Rain Records is more than happy to provide to the rabid fans of RITUAL.
“…boundlessly better, fist-pumping to a dark-metalled thrust…” – Zero Tolerance
“…pretty clean, decently produced mid 90’s sounding Euro metal, with nods to Bathory’s Viking phase…” – Transylvanian Forest Zine

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