RiotGod Riotgod CD

RiotGod Riotgod CD


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In 2007 Monster Magnet's Bob Pantella and Jim Baglino forged their own new alternate universe -- inviting guitarist Garrett Sweeny and vocalist Mark Sunshine to come with them -- their goal to create, over time, some of the most energetic, recognizable, high quality hard rock possible.

And that is what they are doing.

Track Listing

01. Light of he Sun 02. Crusader 03. The Time is now 04. Horizon 05. 9th Life 06. Omega 07. Collapsing Stars 08. Pinata 09. Drone Station 10. Love it or Leave it 11. Rift 12. Sweet Kaos 13. Hightime 14. Grand Design Bonus Tracks : 15. Fangasm 16. Minds Eye
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