Relentless Tempest Of Torment CD

Relentless Tempest Of Torment CD


Relentless is the brutal trio from Sweden. Having nothing to do with their own countrys scene (they even photgraphed themselves in front of an American flag) this band plays straight up Florida styled death metal. Incredible, powerful and pumped up like Schwarzenegers muscles, RELENTLESS plays death metal in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus and Monstrosity. Originally released in 2009, songs on this reissue are brutal, fast. catchy guitar riffs and most important of all, very good death metal vocals. Total Americanized death metal with great songwriting capabilities. That is RELENTLESS

Track Listing

1. Furious
2. At War
3. Dreadful
4. Scraped Off The Wall
5. Zombified Genocide
6. Crippled
7. Infernal Madness
8. Tempest Of Torment
9. Lethal Appparition
10. Kneedeep In Gore
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