Re-Volts Leeches 7" Vinyl


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This bay area favorite has turned out three more new ‘instant hits’ to keep the kids drooling while they figure out when to finally release that long-awaited (first) full length! After what seemed like an endless hiatus, this formidable San Francisco steam engine just keeps chugging along - now throwing more coal on the fire; this being their third new release in the past year. Picking up the pace of playing live has gone hand-in-hand with this new found (or rather reinvigorated) love and devotion towards the band - and people are definitely taking notice! In his time off from leading Me First and the Gimme Gimmes platinum successes across the globe, Spike's true love is Re-Volts. It’s his heart on a plate, “Take it or leave it!” This brilliant EP is no exception. It delivers, just like they do, every time!

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