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In 1993 Fat Wreck Chords were lucky enough to release the debut album from PROPAGANDHI, "How to clean everything"

Needless to say the album was hugely successful at not only putting the label on the map, but even more so, at establishing PROPAGANDHI as a massive force in the punk scene.
Leaning more toward the skate punk tradition than the band’s current work, How To Clean Everything was a clear launch point for PROPAGANDHI, filled with aggressive metal riffs and a young snarky delivery of lyrics about human rights, equality, and radical left-wing politics.

20 years later and the album has lost none of its impact, though everyone involved thought a new edition was in order.

“Maybe it’s the bath-salts talking, but I have come to believe that there is value in having something that haunts you until you are dead. I give you… How To Clean Everything, the 20th anniversary edition.” (Mike Hannah)

The reissue includes the full original album, the 3 outtakes that Fat Mike cut from the initial record, and a super rare 4-song HTCE demo.
Of course the album was re-mastered from the original analog reels as well.
All in all, the 20th anniversary edition is a worthy update to an absolute classic.

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