Poverty Bay Saints Poverty Bay Saints 7″ Vinyl

Poverty Bay Saints Poverty Bay Saints 7″ Vinyl


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In a world where punks, skins and hardcore kids are increasingly separate entities and unity is a long forgotten ideal, POVERTY BAY SAINTS is a wrecking ball obliterating the walls of separation and schism.

Drawing influence from bands like BLITZ and the 4-SKINS as much as WARZONE and NEGATIVE APPROACH, this Seattle 5-piece invokes visions of all the old NYHC artwork where skins, straightedge and punks are all smashing the shit out of each other and loving every second of it.

The band was formed in the summer of 2007 and shortly after played their first show with the legendary IRON CROSS.

Though POVERTY BAY SAINTS consists mainly of members and alumni of such notable hardcore acts as CHAMPION, LAHAR and GRAVEMAKER, each member was introduced to hardcore from their punk rock roots and understands the importance of recognizing those roots.

They recorded a demo in October of 2007 and received interest from Organized Crime Records out of Chicago.

In June of 2008 the SAINTS went back into the studio to record their self-titled debut 7” along with the help of studio engineer and close friend Mike Erickson of PRESSURE POINT.

The 7” is scheduled to drop in September and the POVERTY BAY SAINTS plan to hit the road for a US tour with CEREMONY, highlighted by a stop in Pennsylvania to play Philadelphia’s This Is Hardcore festival.

If you have a beer in your hand or an X on your fist, lace-up your Doc Martens, Sambas or Air Force Ones, dive in and sing along to the POVERTY BAY SAINTS.

Track Listing

1. Brent Prop 2. Tremors 3. The Plutonian Fire 4. Pendulum
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