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PEARS laid siege to the punk world with their 2014 debut release Go To Prison and have been on buzz-generating rampage ever since. After spending the better part of two years turning the hardcore scene on its ear, PEARS continue along the warpath with their anticipated follow up full-length Green Star. The antithesis of a sophomore slump, Green Star sees PEARS take their audacious songwriting approach to a whole new level. The shit’s crazy. Songs tear in and out of furious hardcore and melodic punk, with ankle breaking tempo changes, frenetic guitar riffs, and impelling vocals. Where PEARS really excel is in mixing all these elements into one cohesive, unique, and potent cocktail. Green Star displays this ability from start to finish, with plenty of nods (some more overt than others) to an array of influences along the way and an indescribable energy throughout.

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