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Go To Prison is the debut release from the New Orleans hardcore upstarts PEARS.
Since it's limited release in 2014, Go TO Prison has taken the punk scene by the balls and refused to let go.
Needless to say, Fat Wreck are huge fans of theirs, and after several overtures they have finally allowed the legendary Punk Label to release this monumental album.

Go To Prison twitches back and forth between genuine old school hardcore and extremely melodic choruses without ever missing a beat.
PEARS throw a little New Orleans voodoo juju on the sometimes tedious and wearied hardcore genre to create a unique and fresh sound taht truly belongs to them.

These guys are absolute maniacs and it comes across in the unrelenting intensity of their music and live shows.
Like most things that emanate from the French Quarter, This shit is potent! - Don't say we didn't warn you!

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