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Outbreak Outbreak CD


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Emerging out of the quiet, peaceful state of Maine in 2002, OUTBREAK has proven to be anything but the generalizations made about the state in which they began.

As simply put by Alternative Press, it’s fast, furious, and absolutely unrelenting.

Playing stripped down hardcore/punk in its purest form, OUTBREAK has developed a global following through international touring, landing on five of seven continents to date.

Among the headlining tours, the band has given themselves no limitations, supporting old-school hardcore bands like AGNOSTIC FRONT, modern hardcore bands like COMEBACK KID, metalcore bands like MISERY SIGNALS, and even appearances at mainstream festivals with the likes of RISE AGAINST and TAKING BACK SUNDAY.

But it certainly hasn’t been an easy ride; vans have been crashed, financial disasters have come full swing, and members have come and gone through it all.

In 2009, it’s a surprise in itself that OUTBREAK still exists.

While only the band’s second full length effort to date, among OUTBREAK’s discography is several other splits, EPs, and singles, notably a split with ONLY CRIME (boasting members of DESCENDENTS, BLACK FLAG, and GOOD RIDDANCE) and two releases via hardcore/punk mainstay Bridge 9 Records (home to everyone from platinum selling pop-punk act NEW FOUND GLORY to the heaviest of the hardcore in DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR).

For the new album, OUTBREAK has followed suit with several high profile acts, and has opted to self-release their new album through vocalist Ryan O’Connor’s ever-growing Think Fast! Records.

Trustkill Records is handling distribution duties, and despite being connected to the Universal Music Group, the band proudly states that they have complete control of their new album (and wouldn’t have it any other way), having recorded once again with the legendary Jim Siegel.

Adding to the dimension is new guitarist Billy Bean (NO TRIGGER) who also shares vocal duties with O’Connor, a first since OUTBREAK’s inception.

OUTBREAK’s self titled debut is a direct statement.

A testament to the fact that the band is still going strong.

Track Listing

1. A Sign Of Things To Follow 2. Human Target 3. HL 4. Misdirected 5. Temporary Hype 6. In The Digital World 7. Analyze/Criticize 8. Multiple Personality Disorder 9. Sedate Me 10. (Work)ing Dead 11. Warning Signs 12. The Countdown Begins 13. Too Paranoid For Politics 14. Don’t Want To Fade (To Death) 15. Concealed
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