None More Black Icons CD

None More Black Icons CD


More than two years after the lauded announcement of their reunion NONE MORE BLACK have ended the seemingly interminable wait for new material with the promised full-length Icons. Never has something so unassailably delivered on the clichéd notion of "worth the wait". Icons sees the band’s sound progress to a stratum few other artists ever reach. Constructed on a backbone of punk rock learned in former bands (Kid Dynamite, Kill Your Idols, New Mexican Disaster Squad), the songs on Icons flourish into something much more dramatic. The gruff intonations and captivating melodies that have become Jason Shevchuk’s hallmark are complemented by a complex layering of ambitious instrumentation, which, when brought together, achieve a nearly indescribable result. One moment the listener is thrust into a maelstrom of heavy guitars and frenzied rhythms, and the very next is pacified by a reflective reprieve. All of this is accented with innovative backing vocals and thoughtful, yet frank lyrics. Although at times it seems that all the varied elements verge on becoming too chaotic, NONE MORE BLACK masterfully wrangles them into a sustainable structure that in the end is far more rewarding than simple formulaic songs littering the genre. Icons is truly unique in its arrangement and execution and will obliterate the expectations of NONE MORE BLACK’s long-eager fans and critics alike.

Track Listing

1. Mr. Artistic

2. StillsSternLange&Norris

3. Cupcake Wednesday

4. Here Comes Devereux

5. I’m Warning You With Peace & Love

6. When Mickey Died

7. Iron Mouth Act

8. Sinatra After Dark

9. Backpedal

10. Gary Page One In Pink

11. Budapest Gambit

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