No Friends No Friends CD

No Friends No Friends CD


A brand new hardcore supergroup comprised of Tony Foresta, lead singer of Richmond party-thrash legends MUNICIPAL WASTE, alongside Sam Johnson, Richard Minino, and Alex Goldfarb of recently disbanded Jade Tree superheroes NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD. Together they form NO FRIENDS and return to the darkest age of mid-80’s hardcore. Fans of early Dag Nasty, Gorilla Biscuits, Descendents, finger-pointing, stage dives, and breakdowns will soon be freaking the fuck out.

Track Listing

1. intro 2. Set In Your Ways 3. Never Ending Fight 4. Broken Windows 5. Have You Ever Heard of Aspirations? 6. We’ve Got No Friends 7. Sans Opinions 8. Black Hearse 9. Material Addiction 10. Clean Up Crew 11. Loaded Question 12. outro
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