Nato Korjaa Kaiken CD

Nato Korjaa Kaiken CD


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Check out this awesome compendium of ALL the NATO songs, together for the first time - covering 1981-1983.

This is being released to compliment the vinyl release - expected to hit the shelves in the winter of 2014.

These songs were originally released on compilations like Propaganda EP, Pultti EP, Propaganda LP Russia Bombs Finland etc but have never before beein pooled together like this!

Nato are/were one of the most revered Helsinki hardcore acts - hard to believe they went so long without an album before this!


Track Listing

1. Ei sun tartte ajatella2. Kytat korjaa kaiken3. En osaa arvostaa tata maailmaa4. Ei saa pitaa hauskaa5. Pahaan aikaan6. Helsingin yot7. Kytat korjaa taas8. Isanmaa vituttaa9. Presidenttipeli10. Villi ja vapaa11. Muotinatsi12. Presidenttipelia13. Helsingin yota14. Kaikki korjataan15. Villi ja vapaana16. Suspect Device
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