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The band started out late 2012, when the current vocalist Viktor asked current rhythm guitarist Tony if he'd like to start a band together.

Viktor would be vocalist and Tony would be on bass, Viktor started looking for members on facebook, where he met Helgi and Kari who would join the band and complete the lineup, with a few minor alterations. Helgi would be on drums, Kari would be lead guitars, Tony would be rhythm guitars and Viktor would be on bass and lead vocalist.

Early 2013 Helgi had to resign due to personal matters and Jonas was then welcomed into the band as a new drummer.
And in early 2016, Kari left and Birkir joined the band as lead guitarist almost the same week.

We love old school Swedish death metal and are so far the only band in Iceland that actually uses Boss HM-2 that produces that beautiful fat, filthy sound!


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