Nag Nagged To Death Vinyl LP


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Nag Nagged To Death Vinyl LP

NAG is a three-piece metallic punk band hailing and howling from the Norwegian west coast, where the oil rush in the ‘60s and ‘70s provoked an existential shift from protestant self-denial to techno-optimistic hedonism. NAG, on the other hand, represents a return to the humility and resignation of generations past. Back to a time when the steep mountains, the deep woods and the bottomless sea formed a living nightmare in people’s lives. To find inspiration for the riffs and lyrics of their new album, NAG formed a pact with none other than the Sea Goblin, known for its furious hatred towards all things human. The Sea Goblin can take various forms, one of them perfectly illustrated in Theodor Kittelsen’s (1857-1914) art piece that adorns the cover of the album.

In the first months of 2018, NAG started working on their sophomore album with new bass player Ørjan Nag on board (who also mixed it). They quickly named the album “Nagged to Death”. Partly because of the silly word play, but mainly because making the Difficult Second Album felt, like pretty much everything else in the Nag brothers’ lives, more like work than play. Alas, by the grace of the protestant work ethic, they finished the job thoroughly. They decided early on in the process to stay true to the fire-breathing black metallic-hardcore punk formula established on their debut album, only with the fast parts faster, the hard parts harder and the lyrics even more passive-aggressive. When presented with the final product, even the harshest critic of all things human, the Sea Goblin, had to admit that the album “totally fucking rips.”

Officially Licensed Nag Merchandise
Band - Nag
Genres - Punk, Crust, Norway, Hardcore, Black Metal
Product Code - FY125LP

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