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Much the Same are back! 13 years after the critically acclaimed, aptly titled, sophomore album Survive, the band reflect on the rollercoaster ride that has delivered them full circle right back to the fans. Everything Is Fine collates 9 belting new tracks combining more melodic hooks and darker lyrical subjects then the band have explored prior.

After feeling the strain of character clashes the band took a break in 2007. They reunited to perform a reunion show in 2011, with no intention to continue to write. 3 years passed before they were ready to fully come back. Punk rock welcomed them back with open arms and after booking one show it wasn’t long before they had been invited to Groezrock in Belgium and Off Limits in Mexico, over this time they had started the next album. They continued to collaborate with guitarist, Dan O’Gorman, taking the reins of writing songs, fuelled by the collapse of his marriage. But then it was discovered that he had cancer. Against all odds and with plenty of treatment, Dan powered through and made it to recovery, with all the cancer eliminated from his body. Throughout the whole ordeal he continued to write songs, birthing the song and album title, Everything Is Fine.

The album is being released in partnership with Lockjaw Records in the UK, Thousand Islands Records in Canada and Pee Records in Australia.

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