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A Mongo Ninja is about as unpredictable and uncontrollable as a bull with a hornet's nest showed way up its ass! Mongo Ninja can also be described as a bunch of old men playing teenage music. The five old farts behind this drunk, ugly and obnoxious band from Oslo has been up to no good for ages. Both together and separate they have been terrorizing and polluting the Norwegian music scene for over two decades and their biographies reveals such bands as Emperor, The Cumshots, Blood Tsunami, Aborym, Scum, Hellride, Datsun, Bomberos, Hurra Torpedo, Weapons of Ass Destruction, Tombstone Slingshot and of course... Pearl Necklaces of Infant's Testicles! The album includes songs about fractured penises, serial killers, limbless prostitutes, German wacko’s and of course the oh-so-cozy mixture of misanthropy, hatred, rejections, disappointment, frustration, aggression and a general lack of will to live. The members of Mongo Ninja are known to be a restless bunch and time just can't pass by fast enough. The entire recording session and mixing of the new album was done in approximately 48 hours and then they all headed for the pub.

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