Mayhem Deathcrush Vinyl 12″ Picture Disc

Mayhem Deathcrush Vinyl 12″ Picture Disc


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Deathcrush is an EP by the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem.

It was originally released on 16 August 1987.

Though influential to black metal, its lyrics and sound were largely influenced by early death metal bands.

"Chainsaw Gutsfuck" was voted "Most Gruesome Lyrics Ever" by Blender in 2006.

The Deathcrush EP was immediately groundbreaking, establishing new standards of brutality, the songwriting itself is still largely derivative of their influences, particularly Venom and early Bathory.

Track Listing

SIDE A1.Silvester Anfang2.Deathcrush 3.Chainsaw Gutsfuck SIDE B4.Witching Hour5.Necrolust 6.(Weird) Manheim 7.Outro
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