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The New York hardcore scene in the 1980s produced some of the most influential and iconic bands of its time but non of which were as unique and diverse as MAXIMUM PENALTY. Lead singer Jim Williams along with guitarists Joseph Affe and Brian Gocher, drummer Mark Libetti and bassist Mildred Martinez set out from three of the five boros in New York to bring together a new hybrid of NYHC. Like many other hardcore bands before them they went into Sty in Sky Studios and recorded nine songs, eight of which would become the now infamous Demo 89 along with two songs to be released later that year on Blackout Records "Where The Wild Things Are" compilation.
For the first time in its entirety Reaper Records and MAXIMUM PENALTY have put together a piece of NYHC history in a limited 1,000 colored vinyl package. This 30th anniversary release captures the bands inception from ’88–’89 with never before seen photos, artwork and flyers of the original line up. With this record finally becoming available, MAXIMUM PENALTY head back into the studio to start working on there long awaited follow up to Life & Times with Reaper Records.

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