Mad Caddies Just One More CD

Mad Caddies Just One More CD


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Santa Barbara’s very own Mad Caddies roll out the barrel once again with Just One More, their brand new full length.

If you don’t know who these guys are, or what they sound like, you’re really in for something special.

Picture taking a big old mason jar, filling it up with some pure grain alcohol (punk rock), add a bit of weed (reggae), a dash of bourbon (Dixieland), and a bottle of ale (Ska); shake it up and stick in the back of a van, take it across the country, then across the world, and then store it in a practice space for a while.

Take a swig off that mash and you’ll know exactly what the Mad Caddies are all about.

On this, their fourth full length, the boys decided to log studio time in both Santa Barbara (Orange Whip Studios with Angus Cooke) and San Francisco (Motor Studios with Ryan Greene) employing the best of the West Coast! (2003) .

Track Listing

1. Drinking For 112. Contraband3. Villains4. Silence5. Just One More6. Day By Day7. Leavin8. Rockupation9. Last Breath10. Spare Change?11. Riot12. 10 West13. Good Intentions14. Wet Dog15. Game Show
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