Lovemen 1993-2000 Ch.1 (2cd) CD (Double Disc)

Lovemen 1993-2000 Ch.1 (2cd) CD (Double Disc)


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Yes, we did it! This is the most important Japanese melodic punk band without any doubt.

Along with mighty Snuffy Smile, Lovemen sowed the seed of melodic punk in Japanese underground scene.

If they didn't exist, Snuffy Smile would not be focused on all around the world and also there would be no melodic punk scene in Japan.

Inspired by Snuff, Leatherface, and Mega City Four, they created their own sound style.

And ther're still legend in Far East Japan.

All of their records are hard to find even in Japan because no one sold so far.

Finally, Waterslide records proud to announce this reissue.

This was our dream since we've stared the label.

This first volume contains Lovemen's commemorated debut full length on Snuffy Smile's 1st full length release, most wanted 4 way split 7" single with Blew, Sprocket Wheel, and Middishade, and a song on the hard to find compilation album "SCUM"(can you believe this cd is about 10000JPY at the auction today?), also another hard to find compilation album "ULTIMATE SLOW BEATS"(which was released by Broken Rekids in US as "PEACE AND LOVE"), and songs on the split 7" with UK legendary melodic hardcore band Exit Condition.

aaaaand this one contains their first demo cassette which the band didn't allow us to include at first.

If you're interested in Japanese melodic punk bands and Snuffy Smile, you should know the legend in Japan.

Packaged in Digipack featuring insert with interview with the band.

Track Listing

(DISC1)-december CD (1996)-1. belive in me 2. Dear 3. our rule 4. Gray 5. Crowd 6. still in time 7. at 25 a.m 8. Walk 9. Superstar 10. Inst 11. how lonely-V.A. NOT SUPERSTITIOUS "WE CAN LiVE WiTH iNDECiSiON" 7" (1994)-12. my girl-split w/EXIT CONDITION 7" (1994)-13. empty things 14. walk-V.A. SCUM CD (1995)15. true smile-V.A. ULTIMATE SLOW BEATS CD(V.A. PEACE AND LOVE CD) (1996)-16. fadin' light-V.A. BULLSHIT DETECTOR CD (1997)-17. upside down world18. flower(DISC2)-1st DEMO cassete-1. fadin' light2. happy enough3. rucy4. my girl
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