Leftover Crack Constructs Of The State Vinyl LP

Leftover Crack Constructs Of The State Vinyl LP


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LEFTOVER CRACK are a scarce commodity in the music world, having generated a sub-genre which was completely unique.

Drawing on the success of their first iteration, Choking Victim, LEFTOVER CRACK took ska/punk/crust to new heights with the innovation of what they cheekily dubbed “squat-core”.

Their sound infuses hardcore, metal, ska, classical, grindcore, folk and various other elements into what has become the gold standard of the modern crust/ punk genre.

LOC’s latest full-length (first since 2004), Constructs of the State, is a jarring reminder of that fact.

The 13 tracks are a sonic assault, laden with the fiercely overt political and socio-economic lyrical content the band are known for.

Constructs of the State shows the band’s progression with a very cohesive feel, yet it still contains all the varied and volatile ingredients that fans expect.

The album also boasts contributions from a who’s who of the punk world including members of Operation Ivy, Crass, and Bouncing Souls, just to name a few.

From front to back Constructs never lets up, thrashing from one massive moment to the next.

Although the wait was long this is one case where it was truly worth it.

Track Listing

1. Archaic Subjugation2. Don’t Shoot3. Loneliness & Heartache4. System Fucked5. Slave to the Throne6. Bedbugs & Beyond7. Corrupt Vision8. Last Legs9. The Lie of Luck10. ¡Poliamor Fiesta Crack!11. Vicious Constructs12. Amenecer de los Muertos13. The War at Home
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