Lautsturmer Depopulator CD

Lautsturmer Depopulator CD


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The LAUTSTORY -- It all starts in Adam's head soon after he has left DRILLER KILLER in july 2007.

Riffs begin to appear and simply must be tried out, so he asks Christ (still in D.


) to join and he is onboard right away.

They jam with Adam on guitar and Christ on drums for a month and come up with some really good stuff.

Soon it becomes clear that this should be a band, so they ask Selle (ex-FINAL HOLOCAUST and DRILLER KILLER) to join on drums.

After being assured that there will be no "oldman-rock" involved in the music, he accepts.

Christ takes the bass, and Adam is stuck with the vocals.

The trio enters the rehearsalroom in September -07 and it feels good at first chord.

LAUTSTÜRMER is born!! After one 7"EP on Black Konklikt Records they sign a contract for the full length on POWER IT UP Germany.

in 2009 they recorded twelvetracks of an earquake that'll make your teeth drop like flies as you scream for more!! .

Track Listing

01. Human Waste Erased 02. The Biggest Failure 03. Bow To No One 04. In The Line Of Fire 05. Let The Axe Fall 06. Coffinshaker 07. Hold The Hellenator 08. The Originators 09. Time To Die 10. Nothings Change 11. Parafright 12. Back For Blood
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