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Just like their last two albums ‘Sunrise’ and ‘The Island’, ‘Zero’ is a concept album. Only this time it is more than that – it is a play in four acts. ‘Zero’ contains acts 1 and 2, and later in 2021 the band will release the final acts as ‘Zero, volume 2’. The play is about a boy who calls himself Zero. He lives with his troubled mother, he faces difficulties at school, and escapes into the realm of videogames and social isolation.
Laughing Stock has been busy for months, developing the story and recording the 12 songs that makes up the album - in addition to writing and recording songs for the forthcoming volume 2. The result is a beautiful and haunting album that includes many different moods and styles. The album is again produced and mixed by Jan Mikael Sørensen, but this time the mastering has been done by fellow Norwegian Jacob Holm-Lupo (White Willow, The Opium Cartel etc) . Laughing Stock is also proud to present american singer/songwriter Samantha Preis in the role of the Mother.

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