Laughing in the Face Of Here Lies Ordinary Vinyl LP

Laughing in the Face Of Here Lies Ordinary Vinyl LP


Birmingham’s Laughing In The Face Of excel in tight melodic hardcore, riddled with hooks, riffs and head-banging breaks. This is fun, fast punk with rock and metal influences, that classic Lockjaw Records sound you know and love.

Formed in the summer of 2009, Laughing The Face of have undergone a number of line-up changes and have been on the Lockjaw Records roster since their debut album Lubrication of Social Anxiety, released in 2011. This CD has been greatly received by many, fans and reviewers alike and has become a bit of a must-have amongst fans of the genre. In 2013 the band release The Governor 7’’ honing their signature sound with four new technical tracks.

Now 7 years later LITFO are ready to share the sophomore full-length album Here Lies Ordinary. LITFO present a commentary on the labours of adult life, trodden down in uninspiring day jobs, working through broken relationships and fueled by coffee they weave the narrative into a whirlwind of breakneck speed drums, burning guitar riffage and melodic harmonies, taking the LITFO sound to the next level.

Track Listing

1. The Regression Session 2. Projectile Dysfunction 3. Bullshit With A Smile4. Running With Coffee 5. Modus Operandi6. The Insane Continue7. Rationalisation Of Stupidity 8. Looks Can Be This Evening9. Helldweller 10. Penguins11. Reasons & Reminders12. From The Ground Up
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