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As the first band to sign to Fat Wreck Chords and the label’s flagship since it’s inception, Lagwagon continues to forge a unique path through today’s complex musical landscape. The band maintains a sense of humor about their enviable longevity with the title of their latest offering, I Think My Older Brother Used to Listen to Lagwagon, but the content of the album is anything but laughable. Never satisfied to rest on their laurels or bask in the glory of past achievements, Lagwagon once again push the boundaries of genres formerly used to define them. The seven tracks on I Think My Older Brother Used to Listen to Lagwagon offer a multitude of layers displaying the band’s proficiency through expert songwriting, introspective lyrics, and technical instrumentation. The band’s vocalist/songwriter Joey Cape summed up the album succinctly by stating, “ It’s gonna change the world.” We’d be foolish to argue.

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