Lagwagon Double Plaidinum (reissue) CD

Lagwagon Double Plaidinum (reissue) CD



Track Listing

ORIGINAL ALBUM 1. Alien 8 2. Making Friends 3. Unfurnished 4. One Thing to Live 5. Today 6. Confession 7. Bad Scene 8. Smile 9. Twenty Seven 10. Choke 11. Failure 12. To All My Friends 13. Goodbye   BONUS TRACKS 14. Brodeo (outtake) 15. Raise a Family (outtake) 16. Restrain (outtake) 17. No One Like You (outtake) 18. Freedom of Choice (outtake) 19. Twenty Seven (original mix) 20. Alien 8 (acoustic) 21. Making Friends (acoustic) 22. Brodeo (acoustic) 23. Goodbye (acoustic) 24. To All My Friends (acoustic)
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