Kvelertak Kvelertak (6 Disc Box Set + Patch) 7" Vinyl

Kvelertak Kvelertak (6 Disc Box Set + Patch) 7" Vinyl


Indie Recordings are excited to announce the release of a special version of the KVERLERTAK’s legendary debut album, spread over 6 x 7” singles!
Strictly limited edition, Includes vinyl and an exclusive patch in a special box created exclusively for this release!!!

Track Listing

Disc 11. Ulvetid 2. Mjød Disc 23. Fossegrim 4. Blodtørst Disc 35. Offernatt 6. Sjøhyenar (Havets Herrer) Disc 47. Sultans Of Satan 8. Nekroskop Disc 59. Liktorn 10. Ordsmedar Av Rang Disc 611. Utrydd Dei Svake
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