Korrupt Preachers & Creatures Vinyl LP

Korrupt Preachers & Creatures Vinyl LP


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Preachers and Creatures is the debut album from Kristiansand, Norway punks of Korrupt.

Their blackened melodic hardcore comes packed with piercing thrash-inspired riffs and ocean-sized chants.

Fans of punk and metal, take note for your «Best New Band of 2017-list.

Track Listing

Side A:1. Serpents 2:062. Hellions 2:323. Revolt 2:184. Martyrs 2:385. No Past, No Future 2:48 Side B:6. Preachers and creatures 1:287. Khaver 2:558. Capitalist 2:559. Scum 1:3310. Intuition 2:38
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