Knuste Ruter Gjennom Veggene CD

Knuste Ruter Gjennom Veggene CD


Knuste Ruter - (Broken Windows in Norwegian) are ready with their debut album “Gjennom Veggene” (Through The Walls). Like all good punkrock, this is about fighting; fighting the government as well as fighting your inner demons and the paranoia that holds us all down. Singing in Norwegian, Knuste Ruter represents our northern outposts equivalent to bands such as Subhumans. Heavily inspired by the local legends So Much Hate and Life…But How To Live It?, Knuste Ruter are here to tell us a few words of brutal, concrete-smelling truth.

Track Listing

1. Den eneste ene
2. Drømmeland
3. Skrik
4. Far vel videre
5. Forgifta
6. Tenner
7. Bare fra bann
8. Aldri aleine
9. Nervene
10. Krigshistorier
11. Der du er
12. Borders
13. Atomer
14. Ensom stotte
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