Kitty in a Casket Rise CD

Kitty in a Casket Rise CD


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All you have to do is switch on the daily news to look reality in its bloodshot eye: life as we know it is threatening to come apart at the seams.

No matter where you look – fear, populism, displacement, dubious alliances and crisis summits seem to be the order of the day.

More than ever before, the free world is challenged to confront these developments.

In this respect, Kitty In A Casket are setting a prime example: their latest album release Rise reveals on its bellicose front cover what the musicians are about.

Her fist resolutely raised to the sky, the motto of our times on her lips, vocalist Kitty Casket represents the courage to stand up for your beliefs: rise, resist, close ranks, take your fate into your own hands! The twelve numbers on Rise see Kitty In A Casket take a firm stand, from radical to emotional, from undaunted to sensitive, from fast and hard to tender and susceptible.

Rise is the strongest and most diverse offering to date by the Austrian punk rock act whose rapid maturing process has come about for a good reason.

Track Listing

Twenty17 Lights Out Cold Black Heart Sweet Love White Lies F.U. Oh Jonny Up With You Love Me Thrill MeKiss My Ass Dead Inside Open Waters
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