Kicker Not You CD

Kicker Not You CD


Any mention of Kicker has to mention the new-ish band's membership. Namely, on vocals is Pete the Roadie, who for the past 30-odd years has roadied for everyone from the Subhumans, to Amebix, to Chumbawamba, to Fugazi, to Jello Biafra, to Neurosis. But, he's more than just a roadie. Involved in punk from the beginning, Pete is a walking history book. Between his spiked hair, genuine cockney accent, locket necklace, ubiquitous patched jacket and nearly 60 years of age, the man  exudes the energy, excitement, rebellion and fun of the earliest punk.
Likewise, the band itself has a vaunted history, though it somewhat stands in contrast to Pete. Whereas Pete is an English expatriate, the band is entirely American. Guitarist Dave Ed plays in drone-metlal legends Neurosis as well as the spikier (and nastier) Jesus Fucking Christ. Bassist Toby played bass in doom/crust metal legends Dystopia, who drove punk into an even deeper, nastier, grinding  territory. Drummer Toby played in Filth, one of the U.S.'s earliest, and fiercest,  crust punk bands.

Track Listing

1.Kick Off
2.Walking Headache
3.Not You
4.Wrong Things
5.Crusty Island
6.Two Hats
9.Razor Chaos
10.I Think You're Shit
11.Lager And Chips
12.Insufficient Funds
13.Keep Walking
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