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Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas have, in a few short years, achieved the kind of success most groups would barely dare to dream about. After gaining only moderate success with their debut album, the guys have since done nothing but move up, up and up again, to achieve the status of true global mega-stardom. Aided by their appearance on Disney’s ‘Hannah Montana Show’, and later their own reality program, the three brothers have crafted for themselves a wholesome image that perfectly compliments their hook filled power-pop sound. Having already starred in two films and released three platinum selling albums, the future looks brighter than ever for the New Jersey trio.

On Jonas Brothers X-Posed, the boys give their own account of their meteoric rise to fame, as well as revealing numerous backstage secrets and lifting the lid on life on the road. Plans for the future are discussed too, including the career of ‘Bonus Jonas’ Frankie, the youngest of the siblings. Over an hour in length and featuring in-depth interviews, every fan will want to get their hands on this must have CD.

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