johnny rocket Dance Embargo CD

johnny rocket Dance Embargo CD


"The Shooting stars in Punk’n’Roll" What can you expect from a guy, who has spent his life with breaking hearts, getting pissed and losing jobs? Yeah, you're damn right, buddy - starting a Rock 'n' Roll Band! Johnny Rocket tells you stories about the things that really matter in life: Women, Cars, Booze and Chainsaw Psychopaths. Mixed with a live show, which doubtless will stay in your mind, his sound kicks ass! So watch out when he rocks your town! It's all about Rock 'n' Roll, baby - it's all about JOHNNY ROCKET!!!

Track Listing

01. Fuck the scene
02. Where do you go honey
03. She get it on
04. Care about you
05. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
06. Beat back
07. Do it for my sake
08. Hey Mister
09. I´ll win
10. my work is done
11. What would it be like if?
12. Walk on sally´s moon
13. I wrote your letter never know
15. Today is the day
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