Jesu Heart Ache (deluxe Remaster) Vinyl Double Album

Jesu Heart Ache (deluxe Remaster) Vinyl Double Album


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Justin K Broadrick initiated  the Jesu project in 2003, and  jesu has gone on to be as critically acclaimed and loved as his previous project Godflesh, Jesu is credited as being at the forefront if not the very beginning of the post-metal movement and the hybrid of metal and shoegaze. Jesu essentially explores melancholy through heaviosity, electronica and shoe gaze.

‘Heart ache (remaster deluxe)’ - This is Jesu as it was initially, but not as it was intended to be. The ghost of Godflesh resides in these recordings, arguably more than the Jesu self titled, both recordings were born during and just after the demise of Godflesh at the beginning of 2002, 'Heart Ache' was originally released in 2004 on Dry Run Recs, it was the first ever release with the Jesu name.

‘Heart ache’ was a document to the painful transitional period both in Justin Broadrick’s personal life and music existence around 2001-03.

Track Listing

1. Heart Ache (Remaster) 2. Ruined (Remaster) 3. Ruined (Live Geneva 2005) 4. Ruined (Closure)
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