Intolerance Dark Paths Of Humanity CD

Intolerance Dark Paths Of Humanity CD


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The terrific debut full-length by this Spanish band.

The Death Metal mongrels collectively known as Intolerance hail from Zaragoza, the same city that Ataraxy are natives of.

Spawned back in 2015, this quartet's intent is to pay homage to timeless Death Metal and the fetid stench that exuded from the malicious tones of the bands that populated the scene and helped define the genre back in the late 80's and the early 90's.

Track Listing

1. Embodiment of Chaos2. Death Before Slavery3. Beyond the Axis of Truth4. Flagellation5. Echoes from the Past6. Tower of Silence7. Cataleptic Despair8. Dark Paths of Humanity
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