Hovercraft Pirates When Our Wake Hits Your Shore CD


Hovercraft Pirates When Our Wake Hits Your Shore CD

Irish rock heroes Hovercraft Pirates, have, in quick time broke free from the shackles of most independent bands.

With the upcoming release of `…When our wake hits your shore`, the 3 piece once again throw away the rules of a particular genre and create an album with so much substance and life that makes it impossible to ignore.

Winning over crowds and mixing up the worlds influences they have managed to independently break through the mould of other bands whilst still keeping catchy well written songs that staple a firm belief in the future of raw music.

Sophmore album from this Irish trio, who take their influencesfrom the likes of Therapy?, Foo Fighters and Faith No More, while still managing to sound fresh and unique.

Check out these reviews:

“This is beefy, loud, testosterone-fuelled rock ‘n’ roll that spits from a set of speakers like venomous, unapologetic sound waves.” – Rocksounds

“…what you get is the feeling of three people with the cheek to imagine waht Marilyn Manson might be like if he became a full-on punk.” Metal Hammer

“…it’s a triumphantly defiant musical gesture that sees the three-piece standing out from the current pack of bands doing Pop-Punk with jagged riffs.” – Kerrang

“…Hovercraft Pirates may have the attitude and swagger down to a T, but thye’ve also got teh tunes to back up their Britrocking bluster.” – Big Cheese

Band - Hovercraft Pirates
Genres - Rock, Alternative, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, American
Product Code - TB1001