Hal Peters And His Trio - TAKES ON CARL PERKINS CD

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Hal Peters and His Trio's new album "Takes on Carl Perkins" features fourteen stunning versions of Carl Perkins songs. As far as we know, no such tribute has been made to one of the greatest rockabilly songwriters and guitarists. Hal Peters and His Trio's interpretations, as well as Eino Rastas' stunning guitar playing, also caught the attention of Hal Davis and Scott Parker. These two Sun Records and Carl Perkins historians wrote the liner notes of the album.


1. Big Bad Blues
2. You Can't Make Love to Somebody
3. Lonely Heart
4. Let the Jukebox Keep On Playing
5. Somebody Tell Me
6. I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry
7. Dixie Fried 8. Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby
9. Forever Yours
10. Matchbox
11. Movie Magg
12. Boppin' the Blues
13. Just Coastin'
14. Tennessee
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