Greyhouse Dives To The Deep End Vinyl Double Album

Greyhouse Dives To The Deep End Vinyl Double Album


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The mid-nineties were an interesting time in the world of hardcore.

Bands were experimenting, pushing the boundaries of what was post hardcore or indie-rock, and still punk.

GREYHOUSE ignored the constraints of these different genres, choosing to write songs that represented their thoughts and emotions—the way music is supposed to.

Whilst many formulaic and generic bands conformed nicely into one of the genres the scene had splintered into, GREYHOUSE found their own sound.

Taking influences from many, but sounding like none, they represent this era of hardcore in a way that no other does.

Forever a band playing basements, not releasing records, and never touring, they are the best kept secret of that time.

This is beyond overdue.

Track Listing

1. Twenty-Six2. RTMD3. Scissors Paper Stone4. Automatic5. Ever Nearing Joy6. Left Justified7. Value Story8. Johnny’s Temple9. She Threw Things At Me10. Taking Gate/Offer11. Tough Shit12. Pansy13. Man In A Suit14. Satchel15. James16. Hiball17. Rose For Lindsey18. One Hour Fire Rated19. We Know We Are The Engine20. Radio Nueva Vida
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