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Glittertind is a Norwegian indie folk-rock band which started up as a one-man project in 2001 featuring Torbjorn Sandvik as the driving force. In 2010 the band has a full line-up that consists of Sandvik doing vocals and rhythm-guitar, Geirmund Simonsen playing accordion, rhythm-guitars, programming, Stefan Theofilakis on flutes, Geir Holm on drums, Olav Aasbo on lead-guitar, and Bjorn Nordstoga on bass.

Glittertind toured Norway in 2014 and proved their flexibility as a band by performing at a great variety of events; anything from historic jubilees, and urban metal festivals, to community centres in the countryside.

With “Blane for Blane”, Glittertind are ready to show their new musical colours and prove that this is a band who never cared for the strictly defined genre-rules, but with folk as the founding force, walk whichever path they please.


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