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Former Cell Mates answered their calling in the fruitless, barren wasteland that was the music scene of the new millennium. Armed with cheap guitars, premium lager and fatigued by the numerous insipid indie bedroom dwellers, punk rock fashionistas and pretenders to the rock and roll throne. The band made it their aim to put the soul into rock'n'roll and the spunk into melodic hardcore and with their new album “Who’s Dead and What’s to Pay?” they more than deliver. Original yet familiar, Former Cell Mates' sound has often been compared to the likes of such classic rock luminaries as THIN LIZZY and MOTORHEAD combined with the punk rock garage frenzy of TURBONEGRO or MUDHONEY with the ragged, drunken country punk soul of THE REPLACEMENTS and LUCERO. This is hardly astounding when you take into account their rock and roll resume, which includes such bands as LEATHERFACE, THE GOLDEN VIRGINS, THE COYOTE MEN and THE MERCURY LEAGUE. Over the course of the 11 gritty and inspiring rock tracks on “Who’s Dead and What’s to Pay?” They provide the answer to the question you've been asking yourself for years... FORMER CELL MATES are what happens next, believe it!

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