Flanders 72 This Is A Punk Rock Club CD

Flanders 72 This Is A Punk Rock Club CD


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Brazilian pop-punks FLANDERS 72 are back with a new full-lenght album called “This is a Punk Rock Club”.

You will be surprised that they are from South America.

They are more than Today's Green Day.

So if you like earlier Green Day album, you should have a listen! The album is totally fueled with RAMONES bubble gum pop punk rock.

If you're living in 90's, highly recommended!.

Track Listing

1. This Is a Punk Rock Club2. Warpzone3. Boring4. You Don't Know Me5. Beer Song6. What The Hell Is Going On7. The Same in the End8. Ana9. A Shark Took My Baby Away10. Anything For You11. Calling All Punk Rockers In Town12. Nineties13. Imaginary Lines14. Fly Away15. I Feel Better When I Listen to The Ramones
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