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37 years after their debut Existenz is back with their, to this date, strongest release; the 33 rpm album “Meltdown” with 10 completely new songs.

The album is recorded in the classic studio “Svenska Popfabriken” in Klippan. On the album Existenz mixes with their brutal old school punk sound, fast songs with even faster songs.

Sharp guitars, heavy rhythm section and Jyrkis mean and characteristic voice makes this punkrock at its best! Make no mistake, this is punk and no f*****g scam. The album is recorded and mixed by Anders Nilsson at Svenska Popfabriken, mastered by Stry Terrarie/Kanarie (Kriminella Gitarrer, Ebba Grön, Imperiet etc.) and produced by Jake Lundtofte from The Headlines. Jake is also doing guest appearances on vocals and some great guitar work! Another appreciated guest on this record is Ida Svensson-Vollmer from VA Rocks who contributes with some awesome vocals.

Upcoming gigs to look forward to this spring is at the home arena The Tivoli in Helsingborg, Plan B Malmö, Copenhagen, London and at The Pipeline in Brighton where they once again will share the stage with the Godfather of punk, Charlie Harper (UK Subs) at his birthday party!

More tour dates will follow, stay tuned!

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