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Espionage is an established Heavy Metal band based in Melbourne, Australia. Formed in early 2014 has since been taking the Australian metal community by storm. Their self-titled EP was released in April 2015, with their follow-up Wings of Thunder EP being independently released worldwide on August 20, 2016, which they toured extensively around Australia. The band are best known for their energetic live shows, with high soaring vocals and twin guitar harmonies that are reminiscent of the glory days of Heavy Metal music in the 1980s. Taking influence from and combining Traditional Heavy Metal, Speed Metal and Power Metal styles, Espionage have been described as “a breath of fresh air in a scene saturated with death metal and thrash metal bands” by Metal Making their live debut at 2014’s sold out Legions of Steel Festival, an event organised by the band’s lead guitarist Denis Sudzuka, they have since then supported legendary Australian metal veterans such as Vanishing Point, Pegazus, Eyefear and LORD. The band’s first music video was released on September 15, 2016, which was filmed live at their Wings of Thunder launch show. The video made its television debut on Channel 31 just two days later. Espionage will release their debut full length album ‘Digital Dystopia’ in August 2018 on mighty HELLION RECORDS, with an Australian tour to follow. Rumors say they will perform Headbangers Open Air 2019 (first European appearance).

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