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As the world plunges into chaos, in this: the final days of the wretched human race, there is only one antidote to the misery... The ELECTRIC WIZARD. Born in Dorset, England in 1993, in a quiet country town, ELECTRIC WIZARD were initially the product of frustration, unemployment and excessive drug abuse. Over 5 albums ELECTRIC WIZARD have celebrated the outré low brow art of Weird Tales, 70's horror & B-movies, head shop art, H.P. Lovecraft and Robert. E. Howard. This, coupled with a morbid fascination in cults, witchcraft, freemasonry, biker culture and ancient occult sciences, and how these dark arts can be applied to music....Now Electric Wizard unleash their sixth album Witchcult Today. Recorded entirely on vintage pre 1970’s studio equipment at East London’s legendary Toerag Studios, with visionary producer Liam Watson (White Stripes, The Datsuns and many more), Witchcult Today brings the oblivion and ecstasy of crushing doom and high grade marijuana, a sonic aural trip far, far away from this world: where only cyclopean walls of crackling vintage valve amplifiers set to the full overdrive and primal ritualistic beats can wash away all the filth and drudgery of everyday life. In the Unholy Church of The Wizard, Camden Market Pentagrams do not warrant admission, this is the real deal. Not since the crypt dwelling occult orchestrations of 70s Italian masters Jacula & Antonious Rex has Doom Rock possessed such an eerie, soul possessing quality. ELECTRIC WIZARD only bow to the black altar of the RIFF.


1. Witchcult Today
2. Dunwich
3. Satanic RIghts Of Drugula
4. Raptus
5. The Chosen Few
6. Torquemada '71
7. Black Magic Rituals & Perversions
i) Frisson Des Vampires
ii) Zora
8. Saturnine
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