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In the year 2009 Fernando A. Fach, Dandoo Rosenberg, Jörn-Jören Jörensön and Eric Maurice Gauthier decided to be more than just a music project and so they created EGG BITES CHICKEN. Knowing that they all come from different generations and styles, they started to search for a common ground to create their unique sound. Best quality, knowledge of their skills as well as the analogue way of recording/producing music has always been the essence of their work. It is still a highly discussed mystery if EGG BITES CHICKEN began to push their way through the continuously hardening shell of nowadays music industry - or - if the band's first released album "Get Laid" was the breakthrough to their own story. Once and for all, now is the time for real music lovers to solve the ancient question of the EGG and the CHICKEN.

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