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Dobbeltgjenger is here to bring back the groove and fun in rock music!

Known as an extremely diverse band, stretching their sound in all directions, the Bergen-based rock band Dobbeltgjenger returns with an superbly focused record. “Smooth Failing” is filled to the rim with groove and funky rhythms, and the songs are catchy as hell from start to finish.
(Un)fresh out of an infernal rock disco at a beat up bar in nowhere Norway, while both down and high on life, Dobbeltgjenger appears out of a colourful mist of neon tainted snow, in a vintage pink escape car.
Their third album «Smooth Failing» is an explosive, dark and neon saturated party album, where naive, riff based “the Strokes-esque” themes are met with vigorous grooves and cheeky falsettos. The album is about the gritty “BOOM!”s, manic “FUN!”s, gut wrenching “OH FUCK!”s and terrifying “I LOVE Y…”s of life.

For fans of Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes Talking Heads, 80s era King Crimson

Available on classic black vinyl (KAR195LP) and CD (KAR195CD)

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